The Exhibition

Discover the amazing history of space travel between 15 January and 15 March, 2016, in Millenáris, where you can experience what it feels like to be an astronaut.


Discover man’s biggest adventure and at the same time the most fascinating story of our time in this interactive exhibition. A story starting with those very first dreamers building their own rockets, through the eventful 20th century with the Space Race and the successful mission of putting people on the moon, all the way to beyond the boundaries of our solar system.


Look at and touch more than 100 objects from the “US Space and Rocket Center’s” impressive collection. There are for example, several spacesuits, genuine bits of moon rock and replicas of rockets and space capsules used during these NASA-missions.


For everybody dreaming about becoming an astronaut themselves, there is a Spacecamp after the exhibition. Can you resist gravity’s forces? Can you carry out a mission in a space station? Do you fancy steering the space shuttle yourself? It can all be done! Visit Gateway to Space: The Exhibition and immerse yourself completely in the world of space travel. Ready for lift-off?

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Posted by Gateway to Space Budapest on Monday, 4 January 2016


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